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How to Delete Worm.Generic.FNG Malware – Remove Worm.Generic.FNG with Manual Guide

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Worm.Generic.FNG Description:

Worm.Generic.FNG is a harmful computer worm that spreads quickly between computers. Worm.Generic.FNG arrives on a computer when users download insecure files from websites. Once it’s started, Worm.Generic.FNG replicates over computers via network file-sharing and removable drives. Worm.Generic.FNG infects large amount of system files and blocks system normal work. Worm.Generic.FNG shuts network down and can even make system generates unknown flash or icons useless, etc. Worm.Generic.FNG takes lots of memory and makes infected system vulnerable from malwares online. What’s worse, Worm.Generic.FNG couldn’t be removed by Antivirus program. Worm.Generic.FNG is started as its file has been left on the hard drive and set as auto-loading. To protect the computer from more malware infection, manually remove Worm.Generic.FNG as soon as you can. Read more →

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How to Remove Worm.Win32.autoit.dn, Worm.Win32.autoit.dn Manually Removal Guides

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Worm.Win32.autoit.dn Description

Worm.Win32.autoit.dn is a nasty virus which secretly penetrates into your system  exploiting computer vulnerabilities. Worm.Win32.autoit.dn targets mainly Windows system PC and once infected, it will  affect Registry Editor and Task Manager, and sometimes Folder Option as well. Worm.Win32.autoit.dn modifies the system files and occupying CPU space so as to degrade PC performance. Worm.Win32.autoit.dn propagates via removable disks, writables CDs, USB drives and shared networks and meanwhile, makes road for more malwares over the Internet. In short, Worm.Win32.autoit.dn extensively threatens your computer. Users are highly recommended to remove Worm.Win32.autoit.dn once detect it. Read more →

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