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How to Remove InfoGuard Virus, Fake InfoGuard Removal Guide

InfoGuard Description:

InfoGuard is fake antivirus program that will never guard your computer data or information. Pretending to be legitimate software, InfoGuard virus confuses computer users. With help of Trojan infection, InfoGuard penetrates a computer without detection by the installed antivirus. As vicious code of InfoGuard virus is created to escape from antivirus program. Fake system scan and false positives are used by the virus to scare user into believing his computer is at risk.  InfoGuard claims to fix the detected computer problems while damaging the system in the background. InfoGuard is scam, because it will charge user without fixing anything, leaving the messed up computer to the victim. To prevent your computer from damaged and protect  your  money, remove InfoGuard as soon as possible with the following manual removal guide.

InfoGuard is Very Dangerous:

  • InfoGuard is a malicious fake antispyware application
  • InfoGuard appears in a desktop hijack
  • InfoGuard is deceitful by popping up numerous annoying advertisements
  • InfoGuard installation occurs without users’ knowledge or consent
  • InfoGuard scan slow down your computer performance

Since InfoGuard has so many harmful characteristics, get rid of InfoGuardwith the manual instructions in this article immediately.

How to Manually Remove InfoGuard?

1. Delete InfoGuard associated files:

c:\program files\infoguard\infoguard.exe
c:\documents and settings\{username}\Desktop\setup_infoguard.exe
c:\program files\infoguard\del.dat
c:\program files\infoguard\infoguardrun.exe
c:\program files\infoguard\uninstall.exe

2. Kill InfoGuard associated processes:

c:\program files\infoguard\infoguard.exe

3. Get rid of InfoGuard related registry entries:

Manual removal of InfoGuard refers to key parts of computer system. Expertise is required. If you have any problem during the removal process, please feel freee to contact us. We are ready to give you immediate help to uninstall InfoGuard virus.

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