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How to Remove Fake Anti-Virus Elite, Anti-Virus Elite Virus Uninstall Guide

Anti-Virus Elite Description:

Anti-Virus Elite is a rogue antivirus application that creates false positive and pseudo alerts to get money from computer newbies. Anti-Virus Elite has been designed to run on Windows computers covertly. Anti-Virus Elite is hidden on malicious websites or free online software. If users incautiously click on such malicious links or install unsafe programs to system, system is probably going to suffer from the threat immediately. System infected with Anti-Virus Elite could be flooded with popups and warnings on the bottom right corner of desktop. Furthermore, Anti-Virus Elite turns off system firewall and block other files, programs, disable network connection. Before Anti-Virus Elite crashes system down, you’d better use the following Anti-Virus Elite virus removal steps to clean it.

Anti-Virus Elite Snapshot:

Anti-Virus Elite Is A Dangerous Threat:

  • Anti-Virus Elite is a fake Anti-Virus program with no contact information
  • Anti-Virus Elite often spread via Trojan horse, freeware and p2p shareware without permission
  • Anti-Virus Elite can show fake security messages and misguides you the condition of your system
  • Anti-Virus Elite is impossible to be easily removed by security software

Now that you know Anti-Virus Elite is such a dangerous parasite, you should uninstall Anti-Virus Elite quickly with the manual removal guide.

How to Uninstall/Remove Anti-Virus Elite from Your Computer?

To completely clean Anti-Virus Elite from an infected system, usually manual removal could be the right choice. Because sometimes antivirus software cannot pick up the exact computer threat timely. There are three steps to get rid of Anti-Virus Elite manually.

1) End Anti-Virus Elite’s processes in the system:
Anti-Virus Elite.exe

2) Clean Anti-Virus Elite’s files in the system:

Anti-Virus Elite.exe, adgutils.dll
UninstlDll.dll, Anti-Virus Elite.lnk
 noadware4_081909.na, unins000.dat unins000.exe

3) Remove Anti-Virus Elite’s registry entries in the system:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallAnti-Virus Elite 5.0_is1
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAnti-Virus Elite

Important note: Manual removal of Anti-Virus Elite is effective to uninstall its stubborn & malicious stuff that anti-virus or anti-spyware software cannot do. Anyhow, it requires skills and experience, to ensure a complete deletion, it is recommended to contact online expert for professional operation.

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