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FBI Moneypak Virus Removal Tool, How to Remove FBI Moneypak Scam Effectively

Is your computer stuck with FBI Moneypak virus and you don’t know anything about how to fix the urgent problem? FBI Moneypak is malicious computer scam malware, if your precious computer has already infected with FBI Moneypak virus, then remove FBI Moneypak virus promptly with the following guide.

FBI Moneypak Virus Details:

FBI Moneypak virus is highly dangerous computer locker virus that used fake FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) alert to mislead users and scam money from fine.FBI Moneypak Scam is mistakenly installed by users while browsing online.It affects system since next restart begins.If FBI Moneypak virus shows up, your screen is immovable no matter you use your keyboard or mouse device. FBI Moneypak virus copies fake note: Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below. It warns you your computer has involved with “copyright and related rights law(video, music, software) violation” or “illegal activity like use or distribute copyrighted content”. As a matter of fact, you have nothing to do with the mentioned illegal title, it’s all the FBI Moneypak virus that scare you with the fake information and ask you pay 100$ so as to unlock your computer.It’s obviously hacker behind FBI Moneypak virus ask computer owners directly for money.If you’re unluckily suffered from FBI Moneypak scam, you can’t sit around and wait for the virus go away itself. As FBI Moneypak virus can crash down your system if instant action is not taken.Never pay for hacker of FBI Moneypak virus, if you do it, there will be many other users suffer from this virus as the crooks have tasted the sweetness of spreading the annoying virus.Save your computer with the manual removal solution listed on this article.

FBI Moneypak Virus Snapshot:

FBI Moneypak Virus Is Threatening System:

  1. FBI Moneypak Scam can replicate via the network easily
  2. FBI Moneypak Scam can propagate via e-mail to contact in your address book
  3. FBI Moneypak Scam may come with or spread other spywares
  4. FBI Moneypak Scam steals your privacy information and compromises your security
  5. FBI Moneypak Scam can cause the infected computer work slowly and it’s difficult to remove FBI Moneypak Scam

It is very clear that FBI Moneypak Scam has numerous dangerous characteristics, it is advised to remove FBI Moneypak virus quickly with the manual removal instructions.

What is the Effective FBI Moneypak Scam Removal Tool to Unlock Your Desktop?

As FBI Moneypak Scam is like the old Metropolitan Police Ukash virus that disables lots of system normal functions and programs, then it’s impossible to access the desktop and open your installed anti-virus software to fight FBI Moneypak virus.Actually, manual removal of this threat becomes the effective removal tool to completely clean FBI Moneypak Scam.So the FBI Moneypak Scam removal tool begins with: turn off the compromised system and restart it, before windows launch, press F8 key to enter “safe mode” and carry out the following steps.

Step one: press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open windows task manager and stop FBI Moneypak virus process quickly:


Step two: find out and remove FBI Moneypak virus files:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
C:\Documents and Settings\allusers\Application Data\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\desktop\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe

Step three: open registry editor and remove FBI Moneypak virus registry entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows  NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"Shell"

NOTE: If you are unable to get rid of the threat FBI Moneypak virus yourself by using the above instructions or if you need any assistance from professional computer technician, please chat with our online expert.

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