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Fake PC Power Speed Removal Guides – The Answers You’ve Been Looking for

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Fake PC Power Speed spreads again. I searched for it on the Internet and I found this virus has been circulating for years. But the pity is that I can’t find effective ways to get rid of it. Any suggestions or can anyone help?

PC Power Speed? Fake?

PC Power Speed is actually a fake application which has some similar traits as the genuine PC Power Speed. It is also known as PC PowerSpeed. Read more →

Trojan.Packed.kvt – Removal Guides You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Adopt

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When I used my anti-virus program to make a regular scan for my dear PC, I suddenly came across Trojan.Packed.kvt. I was so scared for I couldn’t completely remove it. I use my anti-virus to deal with it, but it generates again and again. I never have such Trojan on my PC before. Any help would be appreciated.

You should know more about Trojan.Packed.kvt

Trojan.Packed.kvt is detected as a hazardous Trojan horse that once found should be removed at all cost. It is so dangerous because it has the ability to crash download your whole computer system. Even you have an anti-virus program to safeguard your PC, if the program is not powerful enough, this Trojan horse still can get into your PC and refuse to leave. Read more →

Adware Yontoo.c – How to Remove Yontoo.c Safely and Fully?

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I got Yontoo.c recently and Norton keeps sending me message about it. I also found some related programs running on my PC, but I can’t remove them. I need help!

Only when you know it can you better remove it

Yontoo.c is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (also called PUP) with the function of an adware. This program can sneak into your PC without any knowledge and permission. It can come to your PC through various kinds of ways but mainly from the downloading and installing o f something. It can be detected by many anti-virus programs like Norton or Malware bytes but hard to fully delete. It can also attack many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. How powerful, right? But you need to seek ways to get rid of it! Read more →

Ads by BetterBrain – How to Safely And Completely Remove It?

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I wanted to improve myself, so BetterBrain caught my eyes. I thought it was a useful tool and I installed it myself. But latter it brings me lots of trouble. I’ve already frustrated by the annoying ads. Can anyone help me?

What is BetterBrain?

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Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 Virus Step by Step Removal Guides

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I came across Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 when I used Norton to make a regular scan for my PC. I can recognize it from its name that it’s a dangerous Trojan horse. Unfortunately, my anti-virus couldn’t get rid of it completely. Help! I need help!

You’ll never know it until you come across it

Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4, however is not a new face. It is detected as a dangerous Trojan horse that has been circulating for years. Created by cyber criminals, this Trojan is born with the mission to collect user’s valuable information for illegal profits. It can come to your PC through various kinds of ways. Usually, it comes to your PC through free downloads. You can find it as an attachment of a malicious email or a link from an unsafe website. Read more →